GrillGrates Grilling Surface

No burns, no rust, big flavor, and perfect sear marks.

GrillGrates are reversible interlocking panels that fit across the surface of your grill replacing or covering your current grates. The GrillGrate produces juicier and more tender food. Made of hard anodized aluminum, they increase the grill surface temperature, reduces flare ups, hot and cold spots and delivers restaurant quality sear marks all at once. GrillGrates are the perfect replacement for old, rusted out grates.

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Great Grilling Ahead with GrillGrates

Would you pay money to eliminate meal-destroying flare-ups on your grill? 

Would you like to make annoying hot spots on your gas grill a thing of the past? 

Are you frustrated that you can't sear steaks like a boss?

If so, you'll LOVE reading these five ways GrillGrates will transform your grilling.

How GrillGrates Work

Make your grill cook hotter.

GrillGrates magnify and focus the grill's heat up the raised rails to cook foods fast and evenly. Temps will be anywhere from 100 to 350 degrees F hotter than the temperature in the hood or dome of the grill.

This chart shows the increase in temperature at the grill surface when using GrillGrates for various types of grills.

Block flare-ups on your food.

Flare-ups as you probably know can quickly ruin your meal. GrillGrates eliminate them.

Heats your grill up more quickly and evenly.

GrillGrates distribute heat across the cooking surface more quickly and evenly than cast iron or stainless steel, solving the common problem of hot spots. This video shows how evenly and quickly GrillGrates heat up compared to standard commercial grill grates.

Vaporize drippings into flavor.

Juices fall into the hot valleys where they sizzle and vaporize into flavor and retained moisture.

Give your meat steakhouse quality searing.

GrillGrates conduct and focus heat up the raised rails for steakhouse quality searing. Sear marks can be controlled from golden brown to dark, crispy and flavorful.

Grilling on GrillGrates

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Ready to transform your grill?

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