Green Mountain Grills

Green Mountain Pellet Grills

Smart Pellet Grills at an Affordable Price

Anyone can grill with Green Mountain Grills. You can finally forget the hassle of continually adjusting vents to find the perfect temperature or trying to add charcoal under your food while you're grilling.  Green Mountain Grills are industry leading smart pellet grills with wifi connectivity so you can adjust your temperatures from your phone.  Green Mountain Grills are some of the best value pellet grills available.

Find the grills below at our specialty barbecue supply store in Sarasota Florida.

(Due to a rebrand, the Daniel Boone Prime Plus is now Ledge Prime Plus and the Jim Bowie Prime Plus is now Peak Prime Plus.)

  • Drip-EZ Drip Bucket Inserts

  • Drip-EZ Grease Tray Inserts

  • Premium Hardwood Pellet Blends

  • Pizza Oven Peel

  • BBQ Floor Mat

  • Grill Cover

  • Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Attachment

  • Trek Prime Grill

  • Daniel Boone Grill Wi-Fi Enabled

  • Ledge Prime Plus Grill

  • Peak Prime Plus Grill


What Makes Green Mountain Smart Pellet Grills so Impressive